World Superbike Rider

"Ian has helped me to return to Superbikes following two serious injuries, creating a personalised plan with the aim of maintaining my fitness during the rehabilitation period. On returning to racing, the fitness improvements were clear to see, so I have continued to work with Ian. 

Having clear session plans on a day-to-day basis means I make the most of my time around a busy travel and race schedule"


Former Professional Cyclist

"I have been coached by Ian for 18 months and I worked with him during my final year as a professional rider. We really focused on specific cyclocross skills and fitness, while ensuring it complemented my training for the road, so that I could perform my best during the summer. 

Since stepping back from professional racing and setting up the Clancy Briggs Academy, Ian has been key in providing a plan that makes the most of the time I now have available to train"


Farnborough CC

"I'd always been self-coached, and had plateaued without realising it. Ian created a personalised plan that somehow keeps stretching and stretching me. Thanks to a variety of tailored sessions, my FTP has gone up by nearly 50W in two months.... and it's still climbing. I hear 'scare stories' from other riders about how they have never spoken to their coach - it's all been online. Ian and I speak regularly and we have met up a couple of times. Not sure why, but I didn't expect a superhuman athlete to be such a - well - human being!"



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